Registry Mechanic – A Review

October 22nd, 2010

Microsoft Windows is the preferred operating system for most PC users today. A special kind of database, called the Windows Registry, is being used by Windows to keep informations about programs installed on your PC, also your user’s data and preferences. Doing so, Windows will optimize your computer’s resources the moment you will start your operating system. Also when you will launch and run any of those applications since their startup infos, settings and more are stored in the System Registry. Here PC Health Advisor you will read some reviews about PC Health Advisor.

Take into account, that the Windows Registry can slow down the performance of your PC. The Windows Registry can become cluttered when you have unwanted entries. Like entries belonging to past programs you did remove from your system. Viruses can create in your Windows Registry unwanted entries. This type of cluttering causes the Registry to be a mess and the operating system has trouble accessing it and finding specific entries in it. When such thing happens, both your programs and the boot time of your PC will be a lot slower than usually.

In order to solve the previous problem, you can use one of the many Registry Cleaning application. Registry Mechanic is one such software application developed by well known computer utility software developer PC Tools. Check here Registry Mechanic for some reviews about Registry Mechanic, and this site top registry cleaners has great infos about registry cleaners.

Registry Mechanic is a very professional-looking application with an engaging interface that contains large buttons and very easy-to-understand command menus. So the moment you will launch Registry Mechanic, you will have 3 choices: Scan The Registry, Compact The Registry, or Optimize The System. The scanning option has the normal scanning and cleaning options for the System Registry. You will be able to remove unwanted entries in order to reduce the clutter of your Windows Registry.

Compacting the registry will remove difficulties about how those registry entries are stored within your System Registry. Any empty space will rather be filled. So Windows will be able to read the Registry faster than before. Optimizing the registry will give you 2 things: first, you will be able to optimize your Windows Registry. Then your computer too will get optimized. A defragmentation tool for the hard disk is also available; however, this merely links to the Windows defragmentation tool. The most advanced features of this application are not clearly explained in the Help section. You will then have the impression that Registry Mechanic is for PC users with intermediate level of computer knowledge.

Remember that the basic features of Registry Mechanic can be executed by a new computer user easily. So anyone can effectively use Registry Mechanic. It is a great optimizing and System Registry cleaning application.

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