Guide To Flash Websites

February 8th, 2011

The use of flash in websites has been around for over a decade and is increasing with each year.   These websites are entertaining, visually appealing, and much more user interactive than the typical web site you run across.  Programmers are continually asked to build these types of websites and deciding to learn how to do so yourself will quickly grow your bank account.   The issue for most site owners is whether or not flash is something that will add to or detract from their particular web site or should they stay with their old and outdated site concepts.   I wrote this article to cover the pros and cons of adding flash to your existing websites and new websites so that you can determine what is best for you.

I’ll give you the “bad news” first and then we’ll cover the “good news” in relation to flash.   One of the largest problems folks had with accessing flash sites was the fact that they take a lot of bandwidth.   Dial up connections couldn’t easily access resource intensive flash based web sites.   Also web site host providers did not always offer enough additional bandwidth and expanding bandwidth can raise the price of web hosting.

Another draw back is that many people who decide to use flash tend to create long flash introductions that go on forever.  These sites tend to lose people who may have decided to stick around and read the content or buy the product, but were too impatient to watch the long flash introduction.  Many visitors just wanted to get in, make a quick purchase, and then get out again without watching any video.

One key advantage of flash is that it usually extends the visitors time spent on your website and increases their chances of making a purchase.   Web sites that make good use of flash give the visitor a much better experience and will usually keep their visitors around much longer than standard sites.

It is rare, but you can even build flash sites for free.   Using a site called will allow you to completely create your beautiful flash site at no cost to you.  Do you know anybody that doesn’t want to build a tremendous looking website for free?

I hope this article helped demonstrate the advantages and disadvantages of using flash for your web site.  If you found this article useful then please link to it wherever you see fit.

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