Why CSS will always be the most fantastic game on the planet

February 10th, 2011

It’s hard to imagine that the first Counter Strike was launched 11 years ago, some Eleven years ago. To put it in simple terms the game, setup gaming as we know it. The simplicity, the addiction level. Many sleepless nights and insomniacs are owed to Counter-Strike. Newer games such as Garrys mod game servers make something new to CSS, but there’s nothing quite like the original.

So it’s not surprising that back in 1997, the release of CSS, was a top seller for Valve, who took over the game in 2004, which included the shut down of WON. In its high days, no game rivaled CS:S in when it came to players online and gameplay hours racked up.

Another six years later, Counter Strike Source isn’t far behind COD MW2 when counting the number of of online servers and gamers. It’s unlikely COD 6 will boast in in another six years against the same hot game at the time. It’s perhaps the flexibility of the game that has contributed to its ongoing achievements. Not considering the actual binaries, you can add custom maps, mods, configs. You are able to modify the game engine as you wish via editing cvars. Counter-Strike Source servers differ in gameplay unlike any other gameserver (although Garrys Mod fans will probably have an opinion on that opinion!). Just a few examples of CSS running modifications include:

  • Surf Servers
  • Warcraft
  • RPG
  • Hide n Seek

It’s this depth, and option to run the server by your rules, and make your own fun that make Counter-strike Source so brilliant. To play CSS, You just need a STEAM account, and to buy CSS, which at this moment of writing is as little as £12.99 – bargain! You will require a fairly good spec PC, and graphics card, although from experience, most laptops will now play the game without issue. If you want to go beyond just gaming on other people’s CS:S gameservers, you might ponder renting your own gaming server from a clanserver host that specializes in hosting Counterstrike Source servers.

What you will need to consider is the server ping. Your ping to a server is the length between you, and where the server is physically located. The better the ping, generally, the smoother your gameplay. In most cases, any latency of 100ms or under is more than acceptable for online game play.

You might also consider joining a gaming clan. A gaming clan is a group of gamers that form a ‘clan’ and play with each other. In most cases a clan will play competitively- i.e. play wars against other clans, sometimes for cash. If that’s not your kettle of fish, you could think about forming a community. A gaming community like a clan, play together, but usually not competitively, and more for fun. Some Counterstrike Source communities boast members adding to over 500.

Last of all, something to think about is when you first play, you will no doubt discover you get beaten really bad. Here’s a hint- don’t take it too badly. Some of the guys that play Counter-strike Source online have been doing so for years and years- for hours every evening. With any game, becoming brilliant at Counter Strike Source takes lots of practise. And practise makes perfect when it comes to being pro on Counter-strike Source servers.

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