Designer Brushes & Tools In Photoshop

February 19th, 2011

In comparison to other software Photoshop has a higher rating and is highly used by designers. With a variety of platforms being used by designers Photoshop can be installed on any of it. Photoshop has certain features and enhancements which gives it an unique interface. The sound technical interface is well managed by the complete set of advanced tools and resources. The most important option found in Photoshop consists the fundamentals which represents people’s expertise where it is not a problem if the version varies.

The brush tool is considered to be one of the most important tools in Photoshop. In Photoshop a number of brushes of various dimensions are available for different purposes. The flow of output in the software while using brushes are meticulously controlled by Photoshop. A number of changes and alterations can be made with the brushes. These set of brushes can be accessed through the control bar beneath the menu system. It provides a flexible option in the brush tool with regards to its dimension and can be accessed as per requirement. One can save and alter the brushes in the library through the submenu pallet.

Customized brushes are more conducive for giving additional effects to any design in comparison to the brushes available. These brushes are used for designing templates, logos, watermarks, buttons etc. This software provides a large range of brushes and can be seen in the window’s drop down menu. The menu characterizes the brushes that is used for combining along with blending brushes as desired. For most of the blending work, plain brushes ranging from 7th to 18th brushes can be used, so as to bring about the effects of randomization of size, strokes, hue, tone and other features. Blending of the brushes can be referred to as customized calligraphy depicting the serene beauty of the design. Along with the Photoshop comes a range of brushes. Textured brushes, paper brushes crumbled and torn in various shapes and sizes, chalk, concrete, denim, fabric textured brushes are considered to be one of the most used and common brush tools in Photoshop. Anyone who has knowledge in Photoshop can create brush easily.

Steps for making Photoshop brushes: i) Paper sketching One should have the idea about the size of brushes to be used. ii) Then the sketch needs to be opened using Photoshop. iii) In menu bar defining Brush Properties, the properties of the brush should be inserted and saved.

Thus finally the brush is made and saved. Any type of design work, paintings and manipulations can be made with any photograph or painting etc. With the availability of numerous updates and enhancements, these tools can be altered and used as per requirement.

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