Some Useful Mafia Wars Tips

March 2nd, 2011

Mafia Wars is a well-known game over the internet.  This guide will give you tips about leveling, fighting and becoming a successful mafia in this game. It is suggested that you know the very basics of Mafia Wars before reading these mafia wars tips.  Don’t even think about looking for Mafia Wars cheats – they don’t exist.  Instead, these Mafia Wars hints will help.

#1 Add Energy

What you need to do first if you are a beginner is to add energy into your stats and complete some jobs. Before fighting, try to level up a bit.

#2 Get a Mafia

Now that you are getting in to the game a bit, it is time to get started on finding some Mafia Members. If you are playing this game on facebook, simply visit their fan page and you will come across lots of people who are willing to add you into their mafia. You can also visit some forums about Mafia Wars and there you will find people also willing to add you into their mafia. Another of mafia wars suggestions is to get a mafia of around 500+ people.

#3 Bank And Gift

In Mafia Wars, it is necessary that you keep all or almost all of your money in the bank. That way, it is safe from fights or being stolen. Give gift to your mafia. You can ask what gifts they need. Don’t forget this mafia wars tip, never annoy your family! Just ask kindly, and only once in awhile or when it’s needed.

#4 Energy

You are going to need a lot of energy. You may at some point find yourself out of energy. You can wait for a recharge, or ask your family to give you some energy packs. Try not to use your godfather points on energy, you will just end up wasting it.

#5 Equipment

You should fight and protect your family once you start advancing in Mafia Wars. You should purchase some town cars, chain guns, and body armor.

#6 Stats

Keep your attack and defense at an even scale. Once you’ve built up your attack, defense and energy to a decent level, you’ll be able to start adding stamina in order for you to fight more.

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