Could Gadgets be Used to Topple Mubarak

March 3rd, 2011

There is trouble in Egypt at the moment, the rioting on the streets and failure of the police to control the huge amounts of people that are protesting make the student protest in the UK look like a tea party. It is really no surprise that Egypt is in dire straights right now, the president, Mr Mubarak is 82 years old and has failed to help stimulate the economy leading unrest? Egypt is in the middle of a social and economic crisis and people are blaming the fast-ageing Mubarak for the widespread crisis affecting the country.


Astoundingly, Mubaraks comands to the army to control the crowds has failed because soldiers want the same reforms. Protestors are doing everything they can, even the army have rfused to control the crowds, as they want Mubarak over thrown, so what can they do? Even Mubarak’s pledge to step down in September is not good enough. Could they conceivably use voice recorderto get him out?


If Mubarak could somehow be coaxed into admitting he is too old for the job this could be just what is required. Of course Audio Surveillance is outlawed in Islamic states so Hidden Spy Cameras could be used to out Mubarak if he is suffering from physical conditions that stop him doing his job. Whether any of these techniques would actually work is debatable. Mubarak in theory, is the only person that can change things.


It has been suggested that foreign forces could be called into to de-thrown Mubarak but this calls into question Egypt’s independence and ability to govern itself. This won’t do wonders from Egypt’s tourism sector, visitors are advised to stay away from big cities.

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