Conversion Rates – Are You Killing Yours Without Knowing It?

October 30th, 2010

There are many challenges for the online business, and perhaps the greatest all face is achieving a respectable conversion rate. This article offers proven strategies and tips for making the most from your readers and walking in that magic land called “great conversion rates.”
You know yourself, that before you ever order from anyone you have to feel reasonably assured that everything will be ok if you do order. Right? There you go. You must do certain things to remove all doubts about whether or not it’s safe to order from you. Giving your customers a solid and believable guarantee is just one way you can help them to feel good about ordering. There are other marketing and copy factors that have more of an influence in the buying decision, but a strong guarantee helps. Once you make the prospect feel comfortable and grab the sale, you don’t have to worry about any refunds as long as the customer is authentic and you have a good product on your hands. We don’t see too many lifetime guarantees, but we do see quite a few for a year or more. But you must have a solid product and all things need to be good before trying that. If it’s possible, it’s not always, then ask around for people to check out your site and tell you what they think about it. Just ask them how they feel about it in as many ways as possible, and tell them to not worry about hurting your feelings. There are many areas that you can work on with the help of your potential customer and this will definitely allow you to work on improving the conversions. Even if this delays your launch for a while, don’t worry because ultimately you want your site to have the most conversions. Besides that, you’ll always get new ideas coming in from your potential customer, which will allow you to think out of the box and give you a better understanding of how to approach your target market better.
If you cannot afford to have a copywriter critique your site, then maybe you can save up or offer something like a barter exchange. Of course, if you wrote your copy, and you’re not a copywriter, then try to find a less expensive but competent copywriter to rewrite your copy. You can very often make conversion rate improvements with copy alone, but it’s always difficult to general too much about it. We’ve offered you solid tips here, but the thing to remember is there are a lot of factors that impact your conversion rate. If there’s anything that is more important than your conversion rate is your constant taking of action to make things happen.

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