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October 30th, 2010

If your computer is being infected with a new and popular virus, this is a very annoying situation for any of us.  Bad things due to this spyware will compromise your system quite after the infection. You will then notice your computer system is not performing as before. You might find out that some type of threats (like the malware ones) will compromise your computer’s system in more ways than just slowing down its performance. A good example of such virus is User Protection. Let me tell you more about this threat. This is an infection that lately affects more and more PC users around the world, and is based on a scam, similarly to the rest of the applications that fall into this category. Here remove User Protection, you will learn more about how to remove User Protection.

As specified above, User Protection affects computers, and more specifically, their users, in two main ways: by damaging to the performance of the computer and by finding its way to personal and financial information theft.  To know how this malware is functionning and how it will infect computer system is very important if we want to know why it can hurt your PC so much. It will infect PC via Trojans. It will show itself as a good antivirus product ready to help you (rather than being some kind of threat). Check here computer repair for a great online service dedicated to repair your PC from any problems while this site virus removal guides has pertinent infos about virus removal.

The first thing this threat will do after infecting any system will be a fake scan. During that part, User Protection will not even try to search your PC for problems, it will rather create, modify and delete some files (good ones) part of Windows. Then, this spyware will try to make you buy some online fake full version of this program. This is where step two begins, as this is how the threat’s creators reach your personal and financial information.

If you fall into the trap and wants to buy the full version, it will require you to give out some personal infos, like your credit card details. This is how many naïve PC users do not only pay their money for a scam, but also they lose important personal details that are afterwards used by the criminals behind the scam.

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