What Is A Predictive Dialer System?

November 1st, 2010

A predictive dialer system is a call center telephone system that processes inward bound and outbound phone calls for telemarketing centres of every size. A predictive dialer system will make outgoing calls and then will only connect a call to a service representative when it has detected that a live individual contact is on the line. In a typical conventional manual outgoing call center that’s not equipped with a predictive dialer system, agents will be talking about only about twenty to thirty mins out of an hour.

A predictive dialer system is a proven asset for a telemarketing company, because it will increase an agent’s talk time to the 45 to fifty minutes an hour range. This is giving you an increase in agent productiveness of virtually 100 %.

This means a direct saving for firms which are employing a predictive dialer system, either by permitting the call center to handle more calls every day with the same number of agents, or it can also allow them to scale back their staff noticeably while handling the same call volume each day . generally a predictive dialer system can perform traditional dialing when required as well as predictive dialing. Modern technology has supplied enhanced features and flexibility which have made the predictive dialer system essential to outward bound call centres.

Today, a predictive dialer system is FTC complaint with automatic opt out features. This is because they may fully support a do not Call list, that it’ll check prior to calling your telephone lists. However , another important FTC regulation is all but ignored by most predictive dialer systems. New FTC regulations, specifies that a predictive dialer system to give your call recipients the choice to be removed from your calling lists. Agents can now simply press a key if the call receiver no longer wishes to receive calls from the telemarketer. Also, the FTC requires a caller ID to be supplied with all calls from a predictive dialing system and all telemarketing calls. Automatic telephone dialing is the traditional technique of calling that is composed of dialing a number from a phone list when one of the agents is available to take a call. When the number is dialed, the phone system transfers the call to the agent.

This method relieves the agent from needing to make a manual phone call and increases their workflow. This kind of calling is suitable when the out-going campaign requires more personal interaction or when performing business to business dialing. A predictive dialing system can also have voice message broadcasting. This is another technique of calling where the dialer systems will dial from a list and then play a pre-recorded message either to an individual or to an answerphone. With this strategy, an agent may not be required. This method is helpful for informing a future customer of an approaching event, to provide instructions on how to get in touch with you back, or a college can use this strategy to supply a recorded message to parents about their children’s attendance.

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