A Program You Should Not Trust : Antivirus Soft

November 4th, 2010

Antivirus Soft is the name of one of the latest rogue program to hit the Internet. As you can guess, it is not really an antivirus solution at all. When you do browse some sites on the Internet, you might encounter Trojans that once on your computer will infect it with this malware. Antivirus Soft will be presented as being an antivirus solution that is going to help your system. This is why after the installation the application runs a fake scan of the PC and reports a long list of infections. Antivirus Soft created those false threats while scanning your computer and in any case, they are not existent. This site virus removal has lots of infos about virus removal.

Soon after the installation, Antivirus Soft starts messing with the browser’s settings, which has negative effects on the way you use the Internet. When visiting a given website, your browser will redirect you to other web pages. The program will justify the blocking of the websites that you plan to visit by letting you know that they are dangerous for the security of your computer, which is false. This malware will also show you lots of popups and commercial ads. This is because of what happened to your browser’s settings. Check here delete Antivirus Soft for more infos about Antivirus Soft while this website computer repair service is an online service dedicated to remove threats like this one.

Antivirus Soft will also try to rob your money, besides damaging your computer. This rogue program wants you to believe your computer is but fully infected. So you will be asked to buy the full registered version in order to fix all those threats. You will be redirected to a fake web page by this malware. Then you will be asked to buy the full (and false) version.

You still have to remove this rogue program from your computer even if you don’t buy the full version and dismiss the whole thing, in part because this program is still slowing down your PC a lot. Just find a good online application that will clean your PC from Antivirus Soft once for all: that’s your best option. You can also manually delete the program, but this is not recommended unless you are very experienced with these sorts of things.

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