What cause Dynamic Disk Invalid?

November 6th, 2010

Dynamic Disk operating its volumes in LDM database widely used in many fields, for both servers and personal computers. Dynamic Disk is provided by Windows OS such as Windows Business Edition, Professional EditionĂ¯¼ŒUltimate EditionĂ¯¼ŒServer Edition etc, except for Windows Home Edition, but not the characteristics of hard disks. Dynamic disk can easily convert from the basic disk by “Windows Disk Management”. As other stuffs while you experience the features of dynamic disk you may also meet with problems, like the common one “Dynamic Invalid”, which might be the best solution. So what made the dynamic disk problem happened? Reasons as follow:

  1. Reinstallation of OS: As a fashion or a tread, PC users would like to upgrade their OS to the laterest release by Microsoft, pursuing Microsoft Vista and Windows 7 from Windows XP or 2000. But you would find that both Windows 7 and Vista Home Edition support not dynamic disk in your computer, things go contrary to your wishes. “Dynamic Invalid” is the status found after you finished the upgrade from the original system home edition.
  2. Virus attack, Power abrupt off or hardware environment change: All these may cause the HD to be invalid. When some operations are being done on the hard disk, power abrupt off bring up data incomplete. Because certain important data have not written into the hard disk when the power is suddenly off. Secondly, if virus attacks the LDM data structure of the dynamic disk, it might be unreadable . The last cause is the alteration of hardware environment, like motherboard exchange, all cause the hard drive can’t be accessed any more.
  3. A part of users might purchase second-hand hard disks, which could be with the same “invalid” problem because of dynamic disk. Format it firstly. At the time HD was used in other PC once, however you find the disk data unreadable when you recapture, this can be related with hardware environment change.

To solve all these problems above, search a suitable method to reaccess the data after you encounter the headache “Dynamic Disk Invalid”. Good news, you can download Dynamic Disk Converter 3.0 the best solution free to convert dynamic disk to basic disk.

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