Delete Cyber Security

November 26th, 2010

cyber Security is a newer threat that is spreading like wild fire on the internet and infecting hundreds of thousands of computers.  These types of bogus applications are referred to as Smitfraud in the virus and spyware removal world.

This rogue client is a direct clone from Total Security Center.  Once installed on your computer it can do many different things.  Often times it will block other programs like antivirus clients  running and may also block security websites so you cannot download or install updates to remove this threat.

As you can see without being able to use any real security program this threat can be very hard to Remove Cyber Security.If you boot into safe mode then you stand a far better chance of stopping this threat because most of the time the program will not start.  However they may still be unable to get security updates.  When a user cannot get security updates it’s normally because the Windows Hosts file is infected and they need to re-set it.  Once the Hosts file has been re-set most people can then get the needed security update to remove the threat.  When this happens it’s often best to look for a Remove Cyber Security online source.

Sometimes the only way you may find to remove this threat is to delete all the trace files manually and then run a full virus scan to catch anything else that may be hiding on your computer.  The key to removing Cyber Security is to delete the executable file before it is able to run.You may need to go into safe mode to do this.  The location of the executable file and the name of the file changes over time but often it is called csc.exe or tsc.exe. and located under %Program Files%CS or under the %AppData% folder.  Keep in mind that the application data folder is a hidden folder on your system so you would need to setup your computer to show hidden files and folders in order to gain access to this folder.  check out this virus removal site for some more great options.

If you stop the executable file for mstarting Cyber Security then the big hump is over and normally you can use a real security client to clean up the rest of the traces.This threat is not easy to remove at all and don’t be surprised if you end up having to call a pro out to take a look at the computer.

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