How to Have a Panda Friendly Website

May 23rd, 2012

Thousands, maybe even millions, of webmasters are trying to change their sites at the moment to make them more suitable to Panda’s requirements. It is simply a matter of doing what you have to do and of course Google makes the rules. This is to be expected from Google though, as a quick look at their history will show. Those who have been around for a while are totally used to it. Fixing whatever the problem was is the only way to recover if your site was severely penalized. Some fixes are easier than others, and you may find there’s a time element. Read this article for some timely suggestions to help your site become more Panda friendly. Of course when you are talking about making your site Panda friendly, that discussion needs to include SEO. Everybody knows how Google feels about this. But even Google acknowledges that people aren’t going to stop trying to optimize their sites. There are too many details to explain them all in one article but there is one thing that you absolutely have to know about this. The most powerful and the most effective things you can do will be done through your content. Among many things, you can reduce your bounce rate when your content is well done. Then, if your content is good enough, other sites will link to you. Furthermore, your great content will compel visitors to share on social media. Of all the areas affected by Panda, backlinking is one of the most significant. Naturally, Google wants you to get backlinks because people like your content. This has always played a role in Google’s eyes, but they’re now placing more importance on the types of backlinks you attract. The quality of those back links is now much more important. Some of the things they look for are things like a site’s PR, if the link is from a link pyramid or link wheel, or if it’s coming from an authority site. There is also the consideration of whether your link growth appears natural or not. Entice others to link back to your site by providing high quality content that people appreciate. If you can do that with all of your content, then it’s only a matter of time before people start linking to it on their own. It is important to create a really great experience for your site visitors if you want to create Panda friendly content. What this means is that you have a bunch of strategies and formats to choose from when it comes to composing your content. One of the strategies you can use to lower your bounce rate is to build a news section on your website. Make sure that this is actually relevant when it comes to your website’s niche and theme. This isn’t that hard to do, though, and Google Alerts makes it easy enough. If you want, you can even update this section of your website every day. In addition to being easy enough to do, it trains Google’s bots to visit your site every day and this is something that you really want to have happen. Your visitors will also like it quite a lot and it will be good overall. For most people, it shouldn’t take a total rebuild and overhaul of your site just to ensure it’s Panda friendly. If it does, then you were skirting close to the edge all along. However, if you expect to see any improvement you just need to abide by what Google wants. Could it be possible that Lower Body Makeover has been a part of your marketing efforts, but you have not been operating at full power? That is something we hear all the time. There are bits and pieces about Lower Body Makeover when the full story is what is needed. If you want to put your campaigns on overdrive, then the keys to unlock that ability are found at Lower Body Makeover.

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