Small Guide About AV Security Suite – A Fake Program

December 10th, 2010

With the amazing spread of the Internet and the increasing number of the available websites to visit, one should think twice before trusting some of the existing online sources. This point is very important for 2 main things. First, the information of those websites should be good one, and when you’re about to face viruses, and what to do against them. So from this point of view, there is a dangerous category of viruses known as malware. And amongst all the spyware around, there is one called AV Security Suite. Here How to Remove AV Security Suite you will learn more about how to remove AV Security Suite from your PC.

So such malware are very bad and dangerous. But they will indeed succeed tricking the PC user they are very useful. So, most people will have a hard time finding out about such program and deleting it. So, a while after compromising a PC with the help of Trojans, this threat (AV Security Suite) will modify lots of files and that will lead to a decrease in the performance of your computer. Your browser’s settings will have the most important changes to them. Popups and commercial ads will appear more often on your system, and your computer will be more vulnerable to threats. This site Antimalware Doctor removal has good infos about how to remove Antimalware Doctor, and here How to Remove Antivir Solution Pron, you will find everything you need to know to remove Antivir Solution Pro.

While you may think that you will never get tricked by the advertising and the behavior of AV Security Suite and other similar illicit applications, Google released a report known as “The Nocebo Effect”, which presents worrying numbers when it comes to how many users these programs tricked and thus to how many computers they infected. A very clear understanding of the proportions of this problem is given by the fact that the number of such applications increased five times only during the last year.

The main element why such rogue products infect PC systems is because the hackers behind them will use different methods to make those programs 100% legit. As with any other malware, AV Security Suite will look a lot like real and actual antivirus solutions. So don’t be surprised why so many people do get tricked. Double check any program you’re going to install on your PC. This way you will be 100% sure it is a legit one.

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