Learning CAD

October 17th, 2010

Technological advancements have made it possible to completely radicalize the cycle of work and the trends in the art industry. Because of this, industries like machinery, automotive, and architecture have benefited from this. This revolutionary technology is termed as CAD or Computer Aided Design. Today, many artists are using this software in making designs.

There are two types of CAD – 2-dimensional or 2D CAD and the 3-dimensional or 3D CAD object creation. Those who enjoy designing are enjoying the functions of these two.

But because the second option is capable of drawing isometrics, oblique views and others, it is preferred by designers and is strongly suggested. Because of this, option two is more flexible and can create accurate designs. 3D CAD is a very powerful application not just because of its functions but because these functions can easily be understood by those who are not even designers themselves.

Better results may be expected when one uses a 3D CAD workstation that has all the right computer specs for this type of software. One can expect to produce a realistic image of the object as though it was actually physically existing and tangible. To top it all, there are two ways or protocol to display views, namely, by clicking “view coordinate geometry” and “object to coordinating geometry” depending on one’s need.

This program also creates three specific types of models including wire frame model, surface model, and solid model. Designers today are having the time of their lives because tasks that used to be so laborious can now be done on the computer with so much ease. Their output has also been generally more accurate and reliable because of the digital controls they are able to use. Productivity is likewise increase due to the decreased amount of time they now spend on each project compared to those times when they had to draw everything by hand.

The program is, indeed, a step forward for all design professionals out there and the communities they cater to. The manual way of drawing designs has just become so much easier to do and efficiently at that. Some may feel intimidated by the software, but it actually takes a little effort to get to know its wide functionality. While passing through the learning curve cannot be escaped, the convenience of what comes after a designer has mastered the software will be priceless.

If you’re a design professional who hasn’t used any computer tools before, try a 3D CAD workstation and explore it. You’ll find how much it can help you as far as easing the design process is concerned. And because everything can be finished faster with the tool, you’ll end up with higher productivity overall. Just make sure your software runs on the best pc for cad that is complete with all the specs needed for you to maximize the benefits of using the program.

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