VoIP – What Is Voip?

January 14th, 2011

The methods that we use to communicate are changing at a break neck pace of which VoIP is one of the methods that are changing the fastest in our telecommunications. The technology started to be utilized in the last decade but was not commonly used. It is fast becoming one of the cheapest and most widely used forms of telecommunication.

To explain it easily it is better just to think of VoIP as Internet telephone. Your calls are made using broadband lines instead of traditional telephone lines. Again, one of the most popular characteristics of the technology is the relatively low price of the technology. Another attractive feature is that you can use many different systems on the same line like multiple phones, Internet and fax.

The most popular characteristic of VoIP that really brought it into everyday use was the capability to carry out conference calls simply and at a low cost. A large amount of people can join the conference call easily. You can choose whether to have a video or voice conference call with the press of a button.

All of these features can be utilized without paying an extra surcharge as usually happens with phone companies. This characteristic has made the VoIP popular with all sizes of business, as they are not limited by price to use the technology.

VoIP is met with some challenges however. Some of the obstacles with VoIP are problems with dropped calls and voice delays. It is an Internet based technology so it is subject to the same security breaches that your computer can. I found a big list of interesting articles on VoIP.

Another big obstacles is that the VoIP system will not function without an electric source. This isn’t the case with traditionel phone lines. This is why most times your phone is not affected by power outages. With VoIP if the electric goes out so do your phone and all other communication systems. However, these inconveniences are minimal compared to the huge benefits offered by this system.

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