The new iphone has some problems

January 23rd, 2011

Buyers complain about the device’s reception problems when the back of the device and covered with yellowish spots on the try If you keep it that way – recorded more’ll be fine. IPhone 4 (Reuters) 

I my self bought the new iphone 4 and it wors great for my.

The battery is just great i use it during my work at  NY Towing Service  and i have some cool apps to manage my   Roadside Services  and another cool GPS app to help me with   compare towing price 

If you hold him like this – recorded more will be fine. IPhone 4 (Reuters) Water is not smoothly for iPhone 4. A few hours after starting the device to be sold in stores, already pop up a few complaints about his conduct, most notable of which deal with the reception and display problems. Once crowned as the best Martpon Today “published an extensive review article, the number of technology blog Engadget today absorption level of the iPhone flops when you hold it approximately by hand and cover the rear. let of the problem is, apparently, the fact that the lower left side of the device is its antenna, and spoon it interferes with absorption hand. Abangeedgi Jet reason that two calls were off-and-on(a) for lack of absorption due to this problem. The site also made a video that illustrates the problem. 
At the same time, advertisers of different sites that buyers complain about the iPhone four of his screen problem – the appearance of yellow color on the display surface. Dozens of complaints collected by the complainants have a website Giizmodo the emergence of the yellow and complaining of yellow spots. Complainants who approached Apple said Shmachshirm be replaced.

I am sure all of these errors are just underage errors that Apple will take care of in no time and everything will work just fine in the end of the day.

Because you can say everything you want about Apple… but the sure know how to build a smart phone.

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