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Networks Make Hulu Block Streams to Mobile Phones For Life

September 21st, 2011, No Comments

Comcast, the leading US electrify company has revealed that it will live existing subscribers live internet tv and motion picture streams direct to their mobile phones.Comcast Corp unveiled the plans on Wednesday and revealed users can watch their deary TV shows on mobile devices using its new wireless Internet service. This follows on from Comcast [...]

swearing on TV is getting out of control For Life

September 6th, 2011, No Comments

Live Internet TV is getting more foul mouthed by the day.Twenty five plan?s aired on the five terrestrial UK TV lines between the dates of Oct 17th and Oct 23rd were studied for the amount of profanities. All programs were aired between 9pm which is the official landmark and 10.30pm.Some swearing started literally minutes into [...]

Hulu going mobile on iPhone a scam?

April 9th, 2011, No Comments

The highly rated BBC live internet TV supporter ‘iPlayer’ has had a HD makeover. Now arguably the best online TV service is available in arresting high definition format. Anthony Rose. Controller of media & technology called the HD and other improvments ‘the most significant release since the service went live’. Full list of changes include:-Improved [...]

Netflix jumping aboard the internet TV bandwagon

March 31st, 2011, No Comments

P2P BitTorrents whats the conflict?We have all in those quiet moments asked those philosophical questions.. Whats the signification of life? What came first yellow-bellied or egg? What the hell is the difference between P2P and BitTorrents???If you part my curiousity then read on and become intelligent. What is the difference between a P2P client and [...]

New Zune Plays HD Movies, But is it Too Late Reviews?

March 22nd, 2011, No Comments

The latest Zune HD touch screen media player has been released along with a great software update. Now for the first time on Zune both standard and also HD internet tv (high definition) movies can be purchased or rented through the Zune provides comprehensive music and video recognise across Mobile River devices, PCs and the [...]


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