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In-Game Advertising: Get Your Brand in the Game!

November 5th, 2011, No Comments

On the lookout for a fresh, innovative way to reach your target audience and boost brand awareness? In-game marketing may be the solution. Based on a Nielson Interactive Entertainment research conducted in the fall of 2005, television viewership among guys ages 18-34 has declined 12 percent, even though this very same audience spent 20 percent [...]

Different Ways To Make Video Gaming Affordable

September 22nd, 2011, No Comments

One of the most popular gifts for kids this Christmas was a new gaming system.  Three companies have come up with gaming systems that allow for people to move around while they play by introducing us to the kinect, Nintendo Wii, and the Sony Playstation Move, and customers have pounced on these games to put more [...]

Buy These PS3 Games Right Now!

September 14th, 2011, No Comments

PlayStation 3 is the most recent Sony launch in its line of picture game gaming system. Intended to fulfill your gaming pleasures, you will see which PlayStation 3 offers most of the very best picture games readily available out there. Nonetheless, you have to bear in mind which most games are not really that excellent [...]

Know The Difference Between The Gaming Systems

August 24th, 2011, No Comments

  Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have all have come up with motion-control gaming systems.  How can someone decide what is the right one for them?  With Microsoft’s highly anticipated xbox 360 kinect finally in stores, all three major current-generation gaming consoles now offer some form of motion control and the Xbox 360′s has got Kinect, [...]

What The Excitement About Video Games

March 28th, 2011, No Comments

More and more people are discovering the joy of gaming. Game shelves take up more space in stores than traditional books do in many locations.  And there are enough games out there to satisfy the taste of any gamer alive.  Why do people of all ages find themselves so fascinated with the games? The progression [...]


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